Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why was the Department of Christian Education site created?
    The format of the FOCUS units was changed in response to the requests of teachers. We hope this new format will make the units easier to use and more effective. Please let us know what you think by filling out the Contact Us Form or emailing the us at
  • Where can I send a question about Orthodoxy?
    If you have a question about the Orthodox faith or Christian Education, you can send them to - or you can click on the Contact DCE page and directly submit the an online message by filling out the provided message form.
  • Why do I get the 404 Error page?
    We have redesigned our site, and relocated to a new server. Due to these changes, some old links have been lost. We have implemented redirects for about 75% of the old links, but some of you may still encounter these errors. If you do, you can use our search page to find the content you are looking for, or browse the menus at left.
  • How can I report a bug?
    You can report any bugs you may find on our site directly to the webmaster by sending a message from the Contact DCE page.
  • How can I find the information I'm looking for?
    You can use our brand new search feature, located at the top of every page, which will search all documents on specifically within The DCE sub domain.
  • How can I bookmark
    In Internet Explorer, select "Favorites" and then "Add to favorites."
    In Netscape, select "Bookmarks" from the toolbar and then "Add Bookmark."